Sunday, March 13, 2005

Blogwhores of the world unite!

At long last, my blog has links! In the interest of full disclosure, I’m all but illiterate, in terms of programming and/or blogging. Though my learning curve was steep, I’ve made great leaps in my understanding (sardonic LOL). In fact, I received assistance from a fellow traveler: Brad Warbiany, the unrepentant one, to whom I am indebted.

I’m going to break with tradition (as I am want to do) and rather than incorporate my new blogroll additions here, I ask you to glance to your left. There you will see what I’ve been reading and commenting on for a while now. Those in my first blogroll (random order), are largely responsible for this very blog…thanks guys and gals.

Now, for those who don’t appear on the *list*, there will be future additions…so keep your pants on! These select few are special because they’re my *first* and one never forgets one’s *first*. So go, visit these superlative blogs and be enlightened!

Update: The aforementioned one who shant repent has yet given more help, as I still didn't have this thing right. Make no mistake, Brad's da' man.