Wednesday, March 30, 2005

War of the Words

In the red corner: Jonah Goldberg, of National Review Online
But what's interesting is that Jonathan nowhere in fact demonstrates that liberal positions are empirically "better" than conservative ones. Nor does he demonstrate, empirically, that liberals are better empiricists than conservatives. Rather, he simply takes it as a given that the government intrusions he likes have already been empirically declared the winner by some dispassionate band of fact-finders somewhere.

And in the blue corner: Jonathan Chait, of The New Republic:
Liberalism is a more deeply pragmatic governing philosophy--more open to change, more receptive to empiricism, and ultimately better at producing policies that improve the human condition--than conservatism.

These two rhetorical "pros" go op-ed to op-ed in the interest of extolling the virtues of their own ideology, while excoriating the other’s point of view.

And now, without further adieu, the main event. The winner shall be per the decision of the reader.

Hat tip: Will Wilkinson, whose post is referenced in the debate.