Saturday, May 21, 2005

alright already

OK, so I’m a procrastinator. A few days ago, Hammer tagged me. Then, Brad pulled my card. So, as a result of mounting blogispheric pressure, I’m jumping on the meme-go-round.

My mission, since I’ve chosen to accept it, is to list five things that I don’t ‘get’, but my friends and/or family does. After which, I must choose five other blogiteers to carry the torch. Here goes:

1. The traditional network news-cast: I’m a little too young to have been a devote of Walter Cronkite, but I’m familiar enough with those that started in the 80s to realize the utter banality of their ‘reporting’.

2. Pop-culture trends: again, growing up in the 80s, conformity to cliques and fashion trends were the stuff of pier pressure. If only it were trendy to be informed, tolerant, open-minded and a critical thinker.

3. Commercial Christianity: since the 70s, there has been a push to make Christianity ‘culturally relevant’. In the past decade, the ‘mega-church’ (thousands of members) has proliferated. My cynical side links this to my #2.

4. Tattoos: if this one offends anyone…deal with it. Led Zeppelin’s 1976 double-album is entitled “Physical Graffiti”, but it’s actually good. ‘Body Art’ seems like the epitome of poor judgment, since it’s virtually irreversible, absent severe scarring.

5. Partisan politics: perhaps this one is on par with rooting for your favorite team. Me…I don’t enjoy spectator sports, so my bias is self-evident. Regardless, following lockstep with a particular party seems odd, in that politicians literally affect one’s life. I certainly recognize the pragmatism that’s required by the voter on election day, but to be a blind cheerleader is asinine. I won’t mention any names…but…his initials are Rush Limbaugh.

I’ll now tap five more unsuspecting blogsters, who are the following:


Update: I’m like sooo popular (not really). T.F. Stern also passed me the talkin’ stick. Go check him out now, ya hear.