Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sunday Funnies

From the wacky and zany site called The Pain, here’s a few political cartoons that I think are funny, fresh and at times disturbing.

The Two Americas

irreverent Christian caricature

Nixon and Thompson, Hunter S.

Faith vs. Works

modern barbarian tribes

via: psybertron, a brilliant physicist. he sports the lower-case stylings of e.e. commings. Go visit and enjoy.
psybertron's manifesto says - real human enterprises succeed or fail through subjective, chaotic and seemingly irrational behaviour. management gurus have been emphasising this whilst proclaiming revolution, paradigm shifts and the like, ever since management mistook itself for a science. enterprise information models which continue to rely solely on objective "scientific" rationale "conspire" to misinform. What kinds of model are needed to communicate and exploit real business knowledge?