Monday, May 30, 2005

surrealist music reviews

David Cross is a funny, yet bizarre comedian that appears on the Fox ‘sit-com’: Arrested Development. For your comedic pleasure, Julian Sanchez linked to a faux music review posted by David Cross. He gave his “Top Ten CD's That I Just Made Up (and accompanying made-up review excerpts) to listen to while skimming through some of the overwrought reviews on”. Here’s a taste of the irreverence:
While reading the review of Daft Punk's Human After All: "Ideally, the physics of record reviewing are as elegant as actual physics, with each piece speaking to the essence of its subject as deliberately and as appropriately as a real-world force reacting to an action," is a real albeit brief excerpt. May I suggest listening to Elegant Nuisance by ButterFat 100. With this, their second album since signing with Holive Records, ButterFat 100 return to their psychobilly/emo core roots. Let its volcanic rapture overwhelm you like a 19th century hand-woven blanket made of human hair might have done back in the days when they enjoyed such things. RATING: 5.5