Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Birth Announcement

A new community of bloggers has been born! The brain-child of Eric Cowperthwait is an up-and-coming loose affiliation of freedom-loving individuals. It’s called…Life, Liberty, Property, of course. You’ll notice a button on the sidebar that will direct you to the LLP, beneath which is the list of its fine members.

Another thing to note is that the LLP will be sponsoring the very first Carnival of Liberty. The host will be none other than Brad Warbiany, The Unrepentant Individual. If you’d like to submit an entry, be my guest; just follow the link and get the info. At the very least, I would urge one and all to be sure to check out the Carnival.

Also, I’d like to recognize the newest members of LLP and recommend them for your blogging pleasure.

-Pole Dancing in the Dark
-Mr. Completely

Finally, I would like to formally express my deepest appreciation and most sincere gratitude to Eric for graciously including Libertopia in the initial line-up of the Life, Liberty, Property community…thanks again.