Monday, June 20, 2005

Popularity Contest

Well, I may as well hang it up, since The Washingtonian has spoken from on-high, by compiling the definitive list of the Best Political Blogs, which are the favorites of DC journalists, who are indeed omniscient. Or…I suppose it can be viewed another way. It could be argued that the ‘blog’ is gaining prominence and is becoming an effective means of discourse, poised to become a catalyst for political change. I tend to think that the latter is more plausible for two reasons:

A.) the MSM largely consists of self-important Lefties that are hell-bent on recreating America in their collectivist image and have little, if any credibility with thinking individuals

B.) I’m an optimist; I truly believe in the power of the individual and I'm foolish enough to think that, in the free market-place of ideas that is the blogosphere, advocates of maximum liberty can inspire a wholesale reduction in the size and scope of government.

hat tip: Liberteaser