Monday, August 08, 2005

Carnival of Collectivists

Um…correction…Carnival of UnCapitalists is up. Among the contributors is our one time drive-by commenter: the enigmatic Eugene Plawiuk, aka Libertarian Communist. But the entry that I’d like to highlight is from Thomas Paine’s Corner:
As a people, Americans need to find a way to meet our fellow citizens of the Earth as equals and to channel our vast resources toward bettering humanity and the planet on which we live. A great place to start would be to ensure the rights, dignity, and well-being of our own people, including the oft-forgotten mentally ill.
Now that is as clear an example of collectivism as can be found anywhere. The plural pronouns, pregnant with moral obligation, are a tale-tell sign. Beyond that, notice the emotional vigor with which the post begins:
Like wolves among sheep, America's Plutocracy preys on the weaker and less fortunate members of society. Since America's founding, they have leveraged their economic power to dominate the government and the media, the vehicles through which they advance their avaricious agenda.
Translation: successful Americans have the audacity to amass wealth disproportionate to the general population, then quite despicably, they insist that charity remain in the private sphere; they resist the state-mandated redistribution of their property. What greedy, selfish, rich bastards!

hat tip: who else…dadahead