Monday, August 08, 2005

Fun with Hypocrisy

KJ, of No Government Cheese and a fellow Life, Liberty, Property group member, has collaborated with others to expose the hypocrisy of some on the Left. The product of their efforts is: Conservative Bloggers Who Support The Gay John Roberts

The purpose for reporting this story was obvious. The goal was to undermine Judge Roberts support among social conservatives. It has even been implied at by Leftists and places like Democratic Underground that Judge Roberts may be gay. This, the hypothesis goes, may explain his adoption of children. We believe that these speculations and tactics are despicable. Still, assuming for the sake of argument that they are right, and Judge Roberts has performed legal work that helped homosexuals or, heaven forbid, he is even gay, we respond with a resounding: SO WHAT!

This Blog is being established to support a Blog Community of right-of-center conservative and libertarian leaning Blogs that support Judge Roberts, even if he is gay.