Thursday, August 25, 2005

Place Holder (whine fest)

I’ve been working on a house for the past few days that is quite a challenge, which explains my silence. At this point, I’m drawing the ‘framing sections’, which is the tedious task of describing each and every piece of material from the footings to the shingles—and all points in between—for each change in the height and/or pitch of the roof-line. I literally must provide ‘assembly instructions’ for this ridiculously complex house.

Seriously, it is draining my very life’s blood. OK, maybe not, but the geometry is a nightmare! The foot-print of this particular house is Y-shaped (there are two wings that protrude at opposite 45-degree angles) and the roof system is a ‘bastard hip’ (the pitch of the front planes differs from that of the side planes). What's more, there are forty seven distinct planes; two of which have a radius of over twenty feet, in addition to a five-foot radius (flare) around the entire perimeter of the roof at the eaves. And it's only 6000 sq. ft. But hey, at least I don’t have to build the damn thing; I just have to show—in great detail—exactly how it is to be built.

Alright, enough shop-talk…for now, except that I’ll mention that this is the designer for whom I toil day and night. Check out the ‘portfolio’ section to get a sense of what I'm describing, if you’re interested.