Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Rotten Attitude

Does anyone out there remember Johnny Rotten…I mean John Lydon? Well, apparently, he’s not dead yet.

SEX Pistols singer John Lydon isn't impressed with Bono's political activism. The aging anarchist snarled to "Every time I see Bono in those big fly glasses and tight leather pants I just can't hack it. I can't see that as solving the world's problems. He's crushing his testicles in tight trousers for world peace." Clearly on a roll, Lydon took a shot at another saintly rock royal — Live 8 organizer Bob Geldof. "It was a very shoddy and weak production," Lydon said of Live 8. "And there weren't enough black faces in the show for my liking. I don't think it achieved anything. Bob Geldof is too self-serving."

Whether you love him, hate him or are completely indifferent, Lydon is right about at least one thing: ”I don't think it achieved anything.” I’m not disputing the abundance of ‘good intensions’ surrounding Live 8; I am, however, highly skeptical about the efficacy of the event, as it ostensibly delivered cash to corrupt regimes that maybe—just maybe—found its way to the political allies of brutes like Mugabe. But hey, ‘helping’ poor Africans sure does give one a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Isn’t that what really matters in the end?