Sunday, August 14, 2005

web-rings, web-rings everywhere…

Does the illustrious Life, Liberty, Property (LLP) blog-community have stiff competition, with respect to the coveted attention of the consumers of bloggy goodness?

Blogosphere of the Libertarian Left (BLL) is here -- a web ring for anarchists and other left-libertarians. This is something I've been thinking about starting for a long time, but it took a little work to research how best to do it (and it still, of course, is imperfect).

... I'm content to let the ring's readers/surfers decide for themselves if you represent what they're looking for or not. There are obvious exceptions (a "Ku Klux Klan Libertarian Caucus" just ain't gonna fly), but libertarian Democrats, non-party anti-authoritarian "progressives," the various brands of anarchist and such are all quite welcome.

But seriously folks, I like the Kn@ppster and wish him well, even though we don’t always agree. For example: Tom Knapp and I have enjoyed several exchanges in the past…see here, here, here and here (sorry guys, but as is par for the course, things get lost during a move; this time it was the comments that used to accompany those posts).

In any event, I’m quite sure that the blogosphere is large enough to accommodate innumerable ‘web-rings’. That having been said, I’m equally certain that the LLP is the preeminent blogger community. >)