Thursday, August 18, 2005


Do you remember the young Brazilian who was shot in the head by London’s finest? If so, you probably already know that he was not a suicide bomber! Well, apparently there’s been quite a bit of buzz surrounding what Ann Althouse wrote about the shooting. First of all, it should be noted that her web-counter—as I’m writing this—shows 2,114,898 hits (she’s not new to the blogosphere). Additionally, she’s updated the post in question, which begins:
WARNING ADDED: If you've come here from another website and think you already know what this post says, I would recommend that you calm down and read what I've actually written. Some really foolish, hotheaded remarks have been made about this post. Don't let yourself be manipulated.

I read it and you should as well. Even still, I can’t help but agree with Jim Henley’s assessment of it, which reads: Forget in retrospect, even contemporaneously the final paragraph of [the Althouse post] would rank as the most stupendous combination of dumb and sick in - maybe years:
Is it not true that yesterday's sad mistake has already solved the problem it represents? In fact, a further good has been created: as ordinary persons change their behavior and drop the bulky clothing and unnecessary running, the real terrorists will stand out more. Indeed, if anyone ever behaves like Jean Charles de Menezes again, the presumption that he is a terrorist will be so overwhelmingly strong that the police really must kill him.

Let’s hope and pray that Ann Althouse never becomes a cop or—God forbid—ever manages to get elected to public office.