Tuesday, September 06, 2005

two opposite and unequal views

Let’s look at two vastly different approaches to social and political commentary, shall we? First up: Dada Head hates Bush. Yawn…but it gets better. I followed the link to Leiter Reports, where Brian Leiter attempts to justify irrational Bush hatred by claiming that such is, in fact, rational.
Hundreds of millions of people throughout the world didn't hate George W. Bush when he was Governor of Texas; even in Texas, people who opposed him generally didn't hate him. He was a bad Governor, but more pathetic than venal. Hating Bush isn't some weird affliction that strikes for no discernible reason; it is a rational response to actual decisions and policies adopted by a pathetic, undeveloped, inadequate man named George W. Bush, who has been one of the worst, most dangerous, and most incompetent Presidents in the history of the country. (Reading Mencken, it strikes me that Harding and Coolidge may given Bush a run for the money...but, as I like to say, when you're down in the gutter, why worry about who is closest to the edge of the curb?)

As if that were not silly enough, Brian links to The News Blog where Steve Gilliard, who is apparently foaming at the mouth, wrote a rabid rant. Read it at your own risk, as there is not one single excerpt that I care to post here.

Now, compare the above with an essay entitled Tribes. I’ll not quote any of it because it ought to read in full. It made my day. Many thanks to Eric for bringing it to my attention.