Sunday, February 12, 2006


My friend Apesnake always has something interesting to say. I’ve enjoyed his wry Canadian sense of humor for nearly a year now. For instance, his blog’s ‘subtitle’ reads: A private blog. If you read this you are a sinner. [Warning! Your personal judgment is likely insufficient. Please ask someone's advice before doing anything.] That having been said, his latest post is no exception; it's both poignant and funny.
I think I understand now. Secular humanistic, traditional liberal types (John Stewart Mills liberal not Pee-Wee Herman in a theater liberal) like me are being told that we just do not understand how strongly people feel about their religion. Political Christianity has been telling us this for years they tell us all sorts of crazy things. You see, those of us who feel that modern western society had been built on concepts like freedom of speech, expression and conscience and other values like reason, personal liberty, transparency in government and open societies, have made a mistake. We assumed that the rest of the world would believe that we were just as committed to these values as they were to theirs.

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