Saturday, April 22, 2006

Proud Papa

My eldest son Kelsey is growing up much too quickly; he starts high school next year! Over all, he’s a great kid, and he seems to be handling puberty fairly well...the occasional mood swing / attitude problem notwithstanding.

I’m particularly proud of Kelsey’s academic performance this year. In addition to earning As and Bs, he was promoted to AP courses shortly after classes began and he—on his own initiative—signed up for *all* Honors classes for high school.

Yesterday Kelsey walked in rather nonchalantly after school and said, with a humility that is uncharacteristic of a 14 year old: “apparently, I got the highest score in the entire school on the writing portion of the standardized test.” I examined the letter in his hand, the one with the particulars about his score. In essence, it said that his essay was clear, concise, cogent and consistent. He got a 390 out of a possible 400. I’m very proud of him. Who knows, perhaps he’ll start blogging.