Sunday, April 02, 2006

Republicans: typical politicians

Stephen Gordon at Hammer Of Truth has a couple of posts (here and here) that betray the Republican Party’s penchant for paternalistic drug laws and their abysmal record of defending individual liberty.
After considering that most Republicans in Congress favor the continued death and suffering of medical marijuana patients coupled to these calls for the death penalty for recreational use, I retract my earlier statement. There is no hope for the GOP. With extremist views (and they call us extremists?) such as these, there can be no hope for the Republican Party.
With a mid-term election only months away, I’m not sure if I can hold my nose and vote for the Republican candidate…again; but it’s not like the Democrats are any better and the Libertarian Party is negligible, at best. I want to participate in the “democratic process” of our Republic…I really do…but I’m not exactly optimistic about its future.