Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Yep, I voted…

…for gridlock! That is, I realized that a Democrat-led House was a foregone conclusion; and here in New Jersey (a veritable suburb of Manhattan) the Dems are a lock. So, I held my nose and voted for the Republican Senatorial candidate, Tom Kean Jr., in the vain hope that the two houses of Congress would spend their time bickering with one another, instead of spending our money and/or finding creative ways to limit individual liberty; and that Bush might actually discover his “veto pen”. Alas, Kean fell short (as did several other GOP Senate hopefuls), so it’s now up to Bush to grow a pair and “just say no” to ever-increasing government. I won’t be holding my breath.

Now, as for the rest of my electoral options, I voted for the Libertarian Party across the board. Did I “throw away my vote” in so doing? Not at all! My message was loud-and-clear: if either of the two major parties wants my vote in the future, they had better start to think about, and vote for, libertarian (classical liberal) principles, which were the basis of America’s philosophical foundation.