Friday, December 01, 2006

Thinking of ‘08

Despite the dearth of positive political buzz, I’ve long been skeptical of John McCain’s fitness for high office. One reason is that he’s a proud, big-government Republican; another is articulated here. I’m not alone:
Goldwater, a man who seemed to emanate from Arizona's dust, was the paragon of limited government, believing to his core that the feds shouldn't tell you how to run a business or whom you can sleep with. McCain, on the other hand, is a third-generation D.C. insider who carpetbagged his way into office, believing to his core that "national pride will not survive the people's contempt for government." On Nov. 7, those conflicting worldviews collided when Arizonans voted on whether to outlaw gay marriage. McCain campaigned in favor of the ban, in the name of "preserving the sanctity" of heterosexual unions. His exhortations went down to surprising defeat. Not, one suspects, for the last time.
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Hat tip: Catallarchy